Why is Christianity right – what a wise and spirit filled response!

Ravi Zacharias (born 26 March 1946) is an Indian-born Canadian-American Christian apologist. A defender of traditional evangelicalism,[1][2]Zacharias is the author of numerous Christian books, including the Gold Medallion Book Award winner Can Man Live Without God? in the category “theology and doctrine”[3] and Christian bestsellers Light in the Shadow of Jihad[4] and The Grand Weaver.[5] He is the founder and chairman of the board of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, host of the radio programs Let My People Think and Just Thinking, and has been a visiting scholar at Ridley Hall, where he studied moralist philosophers and literature of the Romantic era, and has had six honorary doctoral degrees, including a Doctor of Laws and a Doctor of Sacred Theology[citation needed]. Zacharias held the chair in Evangelism and Contemporary Thought at Alliance Theological Seminary from 1981 to 1984.[6] Evangelical Christian leader Chuck Colson referred to Zacharias as “the great apologist of our time.”[7]