An Atheist’s Conversion

Peter believed Jesus was there to give him a great life. After a family business went belly-up and his dad was diagnosed with a serious, life-threatening condition, Peter began questioning God’s existence. Like so many of our youth today, Peter denounced his faith, embraced atheism, and engaged in a lifestyle of sin. He spent most of his college nights in clubs pursuing worldly pleasures.

That life provided nothing but emptiness for Peter. So he turned to New Age philosophy and self-help books. Still, he found no reprieve from the questions he had. In truth, his soul was thirsting for living water. God was faithful to provide what his soul needed.

As Peter was walking out of a theater one night, a stranger asked him, “Have you received your million dollars today?” Peter was caught off-guard. The woman handed him a Million Dollar Bill tract. Having no idea what it was, he took it.

“I planned to throw it in the trash the second I was out of her sight,” Peter said. But he didn’t. Instead, he shoved the Living Waters tract into his pocket.

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