‘They Ended Up Pointing a Gun at My Two Little Sisters’: Sex Trafficking Survivor’s Shocking Life as a Slave

Chi Braley had somewhat of a normal childhood in the UK, but her life took a drastic turn when she was raped at age 12.

At 13, she was trafficked for sex, and for the next seven years her life was a nightmare.

Chi shared her story live for the first time on CBN’s Prayer Link show.

“He was probably in his early thirties and he just showed a lot of attention to me,” she said. “Like he gave me so much attention and made me feel like I was a part of something. He made me feel like I was almost like family in a way. He would buy things for me, he would take me to have food and buy me gifts all the time, almost in a way like a father figure.”

She added, “He really made me feel like I was just a princess.”

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SEX TRAFFICKING SURVIVOR: She was raped at age 12, then trafficked by age 13 as a sex-slave. For 7 years she was drugged and exploited by hundreds of men — But God MIRACULOUSLY rescued Chi Braley who’s sharing her story for the FIRST time.“I’ve seen girls go missing and I’ve never seen them again.”Full story here: http://go.cbn.com/26214

Posted by CBN News on Thursday, June 28, 2018