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Randy teaches from the book of Mark proving that Jesus was not a good teacher, but instead God the Messiah who came to sacrifice His life to pay for all our spiritual crimes. This message was recorded at Del Rio Community Church, Port Saint Lucie, FL.

"Moments after a huge earthquake hit Los Angeles in the early hours of a morning in 1994, a traffic officer raced on his bike over a high freeway overpass. Unbeknown to him, the freeway had collapsed in the middle with a fifty-foot drop to the earth below. One moment he was racing across a freeway at 70 MPH on his way to do his duty; the next moment, he was flying through the air on his way to meet his Maker. One moment he was safe and in control; the next moment he had lost control and was at the mercy of a law he had inadvertently violated--the law of gravity."

"That's how many people enter their eternal destiny. One moment they are speeding down the freeway of sin, and the next moment they are under the control of the Law of sin and death." - Ray Comfort

May God give you light to see your danger. Follow Christ today and join us in the Narrow Road Underground. KLPTV.ORG

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