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How to Grow Spiritually


Change is a must and God has His mysterious ways to mature his people.

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How To Experience The Power of the Spirit


the Holy Spirit is real and necessary in every Christian's life.

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What Is A Successful Father?


All fahters make mistakes and are flawed. But that does not mean they cannot become successful fathers. Randy shares from the life of King David lessons we must learn to be the dads our children really need.

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What Is A Christian's Purpose?


The follower of Jesus must know God's purpose and will. God demands that we deny ourselves and actually follow His lead, His direction, and accomplish His purpose.

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Creation Evidence


God says He created everything by His power according to the first book in the Bible. But the vast majority of Americans believe we are an accident by nothing creating the universe out of nothing.

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The Proof of Prophecy


The Bible is historical testimony of God revealing Himself to mankind. One proof is the prophecies that were given hundreds of years before they happened. No one but God knows the future!

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Our God Protects His People


Do you think God quietly sits up in heaven? Or does God act mightily on behalf of His people even today?

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Who Is The Real Jesus? KLPTV.ORG


Randy teaches from the book of Mark proving that Jesus was not a good teacher, but instead God the Messiah who came to sacrifice His life to pay for all our spiritual crimes. May God give you light to see your danger. Follow Christ today and join us.

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Fellowship: Christ Commands Christians To Be Best Friends


Fellowship is living life together as a church full of best friends and the Greek word means strong partnership, close social union, deep communication, and common sharing. KLPTV.ORG

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What Makes Entertainment Good or Evil?


With God's commands from scripture, the Narrow Road follower of Jesus needs to evaluate everything that they look at or focus their minds upon. More info available at KLPTV.ORG

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